Music is playing continuously in the studio. Our selection of 10 songs changed endlessly before we decided to leave it open and use this opportunity to shed light on 10 contemporary independent record labels that have, in recent years, channeled our musical discovery.

UNO NYC (Arca, Manners)

New York based label founded by Charles Damga in 2011. He released Arca Stretch 2, one of our favorite records of last year; shape shifting and distorted hip hop described as a "mood record, unnervingly card and antisocial".


Tri Angle Records (Clams Casino, Gorilla)


Founded in 2010 by Robin, in-between London and New York. It has been releasing amazing records, which, despite disparate acts and a broad range of music managed to create a unique "house style". It was hard to choose but we opted for Clams Casino's melted hip-hop instrumentals.

Olde English Spelling Bee (Big Troubles, Modern Intimacy)  
"I approach the label like an art gallery," explains OESB owner Todd Ledford, "They might have a bunch of different artists they represent, but any good art gallery will have a consistent thread among them all. I'm working with a lot of people who aren't driven, they're not trying to be pop stars, they're making music for themselves and their friends,"

Does Are ( Tonstartssbandht, Hymn Eola)


Presented as the new American men's chorus, Does Are was founded by one half of brother duo Tonstartssbandht; Edwin M. White. We saw them last year in London and can't wait to see them again in May.


Captured Tracks ( David Kilgour, No, No, No

We discovered Captured Tracks a few years back through label owner Mike Sniper's project "Blank Dogs". Founded in New York, the label, in parallel with releasing new comers, has been key in facilitating the discovery of a long list of forgotten treasures; Nick Nicely, The Cleaners From Venus  and The Wake to name a few. More recently they announced a partnership with New Zealand label Flying Nun to reissue out-of-print records of the likes of the Chills, and the Clean. Our latest "thanks-to-Captured-Tracks" discovery was the jangly pop of New Zealand David Kilgour.

Hippos in Tanks (Dean Blunt, Papi)  

Started as a radio show on Los Angeles KXLU, Hippos in Tanks describes itself as a "Task force dedicated to innovative solutions in modern music". Releasing music such as electronic guru James Ferraro and more recently Sam Mehran Outer Limitz woozy fuzz-pop project. We choose an extract of the forthcoming album from Hype Williams musician Dean Blunt.

Culture Dealer (Run DMT, Romantics)  

Culture Dealer is a Baltimore based label run by Mike Collin's Run DMT. We choose a mellow cut from Dreams; one of the labels first releases. In 2011, the label added a service where anyone could submit lyrics to make your very own "song poems", now compiled in the one hitter wonders compilation.

Software (Oneohtrix Point Never, Replica)  

Brooklyn based Software is run by Dan Lopatin of oneohtrix point never and Joel Ford of Airbird. They've described Software's sound as "geared toward digi-psych, CDD (contemplative dance music) and popular voice". We choose a cut from oneohtrix point never Replica LP.


Hyperdub (Burial, Paradise Circus)


Hyperdub is a label based in London and founded in 2004 by Steve Goodman, aka Kode9. We selected Burial's re-work of Massive Attack's Paradise Circus.

NNA Tapes (Co La, Egyptian Peaches) + Extras  

Toby Aronson and Matt Mayer started Vermont Based NNA Tapes in late 2008. "Harsh musique concrete, automated machine music, entirely-acoustic assault, exploratory lo-fi exotica, avant-pop, and soaring electronic minimalism are all represented here."  We choose Co La's Egyptian Peaches, the sunny reggae track off his Daydream Repeater album.


Upset the Rhythm (John Maus, Keep Pushing On), Underwater People (Twerps, Dreamin), Beer On the Rugs (Macintosh Plus, 10 月), Clown & Sunset (Nicolas Jaar, Don't Break My Love), Sacred Bones (Vår, The Boy or the Boot), RVNG INTL. (Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, & The Congos, Happy Song), Vase (Come ft. Jesse Boykins III, Zodiac), R&S (Airhead, Lock in the Lion), Spectrum Spools (Gary War, Thousand Yard Stare), Escho (Iceage, Ecstasy)

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