Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – Present Joys

From an amazing compilation called the Anthology Of American Folk Music, full of the 'old, weird America'.


Pixies – Dead


Fizzing with tense energy. 'Uriah hit the crapper'.

Glenn Gould - Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 – Var. 26.  

He closes his eyes, takes a breath and shoots this out.


Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited –  Muchadura (You Will Confess)


Makes me want to cry when the harmonies start up half way through. Why are certain notes in a certain order so moving?


The Drums –  Let's Go Surfing

Our song.

Aubrey Ghent – House Of God March  

I'd say this sounds extremely perky. Strange how music can sound humorous even when it doesn't have any words.

David Bowie – Beauty And The Beast  

I don't know why this is still so thrilling.

Allegri, Gregorio – Miserere Mei  

Gorgeous rotating melody.


Radiohead –  All I Need


A guilty pleasure. The most boringly obvious band to like if you're male, white and middle aged, but irresistible.

Ricardo Villalobos –  Alsbalduin  

Clunk click, over and out.




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