My studio space is on Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn in a former bank building. It's a pretty big warehouse floor I am sharing with a collective of designers and scientist. On my way home from the studio I sometimes stop by Dope Jams on Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene. They have a great selection of soulful NY house, Chicago and Detroit house and also carry a lot of that weird woo-woo spiritual stuff that's around in the NY scene. I was surprised by the differences in the approach to house music and techno comparing my experiences in New York to Germany. In Germany I was frequently going to Smallville Records and places like Click, Pudel and Fusion Festival and i always felt techno was more about to be driven by the sound and your dance style was secondary. Going out in New York however I learned that there is whole scene of amazing house dancers with elaborate styles like Lofting or Waacking. Some dancers have the ability to magically move within tight crowds without ever touching anyone. This mix is inspired by open fire hydrants, loft parties with BBQ in the backyard and house dancers with sweat towels around their neck. 

Theo Parrish – Paradise Architects (1998)  

What would Superstudio listen to if they'd ran their practice in the 90ies


Andrés – New For U (2012)


Soundtrack for stoop sitting and open fire-hydrants

Omar-S – Give it to me (2004)

I imagine this track playing on Klipsch speakers in a large loft space

Grace Jones – Pull Up The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage mix) (1981)  

Grace and honking NYC cabs


Inner City – Big Fun (1988)


24 years ago


Acid Pauli – Marvin (2009)

Marvin Gaye meets 

Mr. Fingers – Can you feel it (1988)  

Thank you japanese Sound Engineers! I love the sound of 80ies synthesizer claps.

Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Don't Try (1994)  

Charles Bukowski's gravestone reads "Don't Try"

Theo Parrish – This is You, This Is Me (Ugly Edits 8 b1) (2004)  

A funky soundtrack for sneaking into the club with a sharpie copied stamp and a flask

Tevo Howard – Laboratory (2010)  

A more or less machine readable track for the studio mates pegboard, oscilloscope and soldering iron


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