Mogwai – Burn Girl Prom Queen

I used to press the loop button on my iTunes and let this one play all day in my studio (The Fortress of Solitude). I love brass… sad brass is always good, always.


Edwin Morgan Hyena


Reading books sends me to sleep quickly and I hate reading the same few pages every night… so I've started to read poetry instead; better for good dreams. I discovered Edwin Morgan at The Poetry Library (Southbank Centre), I try to get to the Poetry Library once a week to work… to get out of The Fortress of Solitude… to see and hear other humans living life, to remember that the world is still out there and it's okay.

I, Ludicrous – A Pop Fans Dream  

A true story I believe… just sums everything up nicely.


Kate Bush – Mother Stand For Comfort


I listen to Kate all the time in The Fortress of Solitude . She's experimental and beautiful. She reminds me to take risks. I often think how nice it would be to have Kate Bush for a Mother.


Mount Eerie – Between Two Mysteries

Phil Elverum was born in 1978, the same year as me… my mother (see above) told me we are twins.. and she traded him in for a loaf of bread and some barley water. I don't blame her, times were hard back then. I believe he lives in America now.

Peter Cook & Chris Morris – Prisoner Of War  

Time for an intermission:
I was going to pick "Requiem For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs And Orchestra" from the 2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack.. but thought it might be seen as a joke… so I picked a real joke-piece instead. This was originally broadcast on Radio 4 in 1994, this is one of five ten-minute interviews with Peter Cook's comic creation, Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling. This CD never fails to crack me up… and that's often much needed in the The Fortress of Solitude.

Silver Jews – My Pillow Is A Threshold  

The word genus get misused everyday.. but David Berman is 100% the real deal. An amazing poet and artist. Check out his book of poems Actual Air and read his Wiki page, oh and listen to Silver Jews.

Nick Drake – River Man  

There's a famous photo of Nick Drake walking down a path with a dog at Hampstead Heath which I went to find with my partner one sunny day a few weeks back. Along the way I found a little cotton heart on the ground and gave it to her… but when we eventually found the secret path she hid the heart in one of the cracks in the wall and said "That's for you Nick"… I liked that.


Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Dirt


I've been listening to this record a lot since it came out. This is a Stooges cover, it's a mind bending jazz stomp and freak out.

Smog – Prince Alone In The Studio  

I've been working my way backwards through Bill Callaghan's work since 2008… and its been interesting to see his regression from well crafted songs with lush strings to lo-fi 4-track tape experiments . This song marks the point of change for Bill, and is a great metaphor for being alone in a studio and trying to create. Trying to ignore the distractions and focus, and how an artists' mood is tightly bound up with how well a piece of work is going. When Bill sings "And when it's all complete he feels like a hunter on the street" I know exactly what he means.




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