Fleetwood Mac – The Chain  

Because growing up as a kid I remember hearing the end of this song on the Formula 1, I then discovered Fleetwood Mac and loved this song even more.

Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound  

A great feel good song.

The Streets – Trust me  

Reminds me of aimlessly walking around at the end of nights out.

Smith Westerns – Weekend  

I am backing this as my summer anthem, it just makes you smile and want to be in a park with friends. 

Death Cab for Cutie – I will possess your heart  

Just because its so good, the really long intro keeps you guessing then, Bang!

Metronomy – A thing for me  

Its one of those songs that gets even better having watched the video! Every time I hear this all I can think of it that very video, awesome combo! 

Hot Chip – Out At The Pictures   

This reminds me of when we first set up, we used to listen to this whole album every Friday! Good times. 

Big Boi – Shutterbug   

Just makes you wanna bounce.

No Age – Fever Dreaming  

I love the rawness to this track! Makes you want to strip back an idea! 

The Beatles – Day in the Life  

A classic masterpiece that never fails to inspire the atmosphere in the studio! 

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