Sam Cooke – Change Gonna Come  

It's a powerful song and inspires my work.


Nina Simone –  22nd Century


It's really moving and prophetic. 

The Jackson Five – Maria  

It wasn't until the mid-2000s that I heard this song and i was surprised that there was a Jackson 5 song that was so funky that I hadn't heard.


Funkadelic – Maggot Brain


It's Maggot Brain. It just goes on forever.


Funkadelic – I'll Stay

It's raw. A little heartbreaking. It's about commitment, you know?

Esthero – Everyday is a Holiday  

I really like this song. There's no other justification other than it makes me feel very happy.

Bill Withers – Lovely Day  

It's my get up and go song. It's impossible to feel lazy when you hear this song. His voice is perfection. 

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Ban – Sunshowers  

There's really no explaining this one. It's just that great.

Bootsy Collins – I'd Rather by With You  

I like music that's a bit timeless. This song never gets old. 

Yusef Latin – Theme from Spartacus  

He did the theme from Spartacus…with eastern instruments. What?!!


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