The White Fence - The Love Between

We listen to quite a bit of psyche music in our studio, James Jarvis (my studio companion) and I are aficionados, White Fence is a modern psyche group who sound a bit like a very ethereal 13th Floor Elevators…they were one of my favourite live groups of last year.


Thee Oh Sees – Hang A Picture. 


Again a live favourite, Thee oh Sees give me a lot of positive energy and inspire strange imagery.

Moon Duo – I Can See.   

This is a favourite track from their recent LP which I did the cover art for…its rare that I get to work with bands I really love.


Kim Fowley – I Hate You.


I found this LP (International Heroes) in a second hand shop in LA last year and it's become a firm studio fave, nice mix of rock n' roll and proto glam from the king of the fruitcakes.


The Field – Is This Power.

One to trance out to when working. nice textures, to me it suggests flying around in one of those cloud cars from The Empire Strikes Back, like Lando Calrisean and a Lobot.

Death – Freakin Out.  

Crazily good ahead of their time punk group from Detroit 1973, they probably wore leather vests and flares. toe tappin'

Blue Cheer – Gypsy Ball.  

One of the heaviest and loudest groups of all time, this is from Outside Inside, my favourite of theirs. 

Pandit Pran Nath – Raga Kut Todi  

Good to work to and concentrate with, creates a nice mystical atmosphere in Clerkenwell.


Magazine – Definitive Gaze.


Howard Devoto was the best Buzzcock I think, his lyrics are really weird and interesting. 
This is a little bit like early Human League, which I love, it's also a bit Specialsy, interesting things were happening post punk.

King Tubby Meets The Upsetter – Crimewave.  

From the very heavy LP 'At The Grassroots of Dub' a great aid to deep concentration, time slips by unnoticed and before you know it it's time to go home.




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