Amateur Music Production by Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop in collaboration with Yuri Suzuki


I am pretty bad at concentrating on work, I always skip music and pretty much DJ all the time. Here I have listed the music I like to listen to from Morning to Midnight.
Dam Funk – Mirrors  

At 9:00 I usually arrive at the studio and start replying to emails. This is the perfect music to start the day and good to listen to in an empty studio with the morning sun.

Etta James – Dream  

Also nice to listen to some oldies, with rich strings.

Number Girl – Omoide in my head  

At 10:00-11:00 the other studio members start arriving at the studio. I switch to some noise or punk rock to refresh. One of the greatest alternative rock bands from Japan, this song is speedy and has good guitar noise.

Teengenerate – White Talk  

This is also a great Japanese punk band. This song gives me energy and speed for my work.

Chas Jankel – Am I Honest With Myself Really?  

After lunch, it is the most vague moment of the day. I usually research on the internet and start on some concepts, but I can't really concentrate. In these moments I always listen to electronic disco or dance tunes.

Chas Jankel was in The Blockheads and has made many great disco tunes, especially this song has which full on energy for 15 minutes.

Donald Fagen – New Frontier  

After 5pm is the best time for me to work. This is best track for watching the sunset, and probably the best driving music as well.

Signal – Robotron  

After 10pm, the studio is really quiet and I start getting good inspiration and can push many things. It's great to work with minimal music, as the title explains, I can work like a machine.

DMX Krew – Radio Bliss  

Around 12am, I may be need to be back to being a bit more human.


Sally Shapiro – Hold Me So Tight  

Great electronic track and emotional melody.

Vince Guarald – Great Pumpkin Waltz  

After 12am is my favourite moment of the day, I am relaxed and inspired. The Peanuts sound track is probably my favourite album to relax to. It's not serious and is a really easy listen.

Toru Takemitsu – Natsu No Imouto  

Toru Takemitsu, is the greatest Japanese film composer. He used to collaborate with Bruno Munari. therefore his music is full of visual inspiration.

The Randy Watson Experience – Be Still My Beating Heart  

At the end of the day, I probably finish with this song at full volume and turn off the computer.

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