Although I love music and it's very important in my life, I have to admit I'm not good on discovering new bands or listening to the latest records and I have never been a big fan of any band. Almost all the music I have listened to I've come across through friends or important people in my life and always reminds me of a certain period. I like the idea of a song as a little memory container. This list might sound a bit eclectic but I guess that's how my taste is.

Death in Vegas- Dirge  

Adam Riera.
I have good memories of this great band going to some clubs in my 18's.


Junip – Off Point


Mar Armengol.
Mar has discovered many new bands for me, among them I'd say this was the first one and one of my favorites.

Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E.

Miquel Polidano.
Some reminiscences of my teenage years…

Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way  

Ana Merino.
Great song, I can listen to it hundreds of times without getting bored. Reminds me of looong nights listening to different songs.


Devendra Banhart – Quedate Luna


Ana Dominguez.
This song always reminds me of sweet and warm summer days in Menorca.


Twin Shadow – Tether Beat

Mar Armengol.
Another of my favorite bands discovered by Mar. Thank you!

Caribou – Leave House  

Juan Calet.
Juan is my hairdresser and he lives just underneath my house. His hair saloon looks like a club every Friday afternoon!

Bon Iver – Flume  

Enrique Hernandez.
Good memories from a brief stay in NY.

Xavier Cugat – Perfidia  

Evangelia Koutsouvolou.
It was nice to discover this song on my girlfriend's ipad. It reminded me immediately of my childhood!

Koudlam- Goodbye  

Nacho Alegre.
This is what has been sounding in the studio during the last few weeks.


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