When I'm in the studio I generally listen to the radio out loud. And it's generally the more mainstream the station, the better - I want some distraction but I don't want to listen.  If I'm listening to music, then I tend to listen to albums in sequence (whoa kids!) and on headphones. So the selection below is really a selection of songs that are supposed to be representative of the albums they come from and that are probably best listened to intimately. For some structure (others might call it a gimmick), I've arranged the tracks along the lines of where they feature in their respective albums.

Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar (from Eye Contact)

Beach House – Silver Soul (from Teen Dream)

Panda Bear – Bro's (from Person Pitch)

Red House Painters – Japanese to English (from Down Colourful Hill)

Dirty Projectors – Two Doves (from Bitte Orca)

Battles – Rainbow (from Mirrored)

Big Star – Holocaust (from Third/Sister Lovers)

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes (from Loveless)

Loose Fur – Wreckroom (from Born Again in the USA)

Cat Power – Water and Air (from What Would the Community Think?)


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