Steely Dan – Peg

Having a bad day? Need cheering up? Play this. Anyone that doesn't like this isn't worth knowing.

Night Angles – Aerodynamour

Nepotism right here - this is my good friend Tim's music. It's such big tune. No more need be said. Except that the bit where the snare comes back in at 2'53" is totally sick.

Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It?  

It would have been amazing to have lived in Chicago in the 1980s during the birth of house. Thankfully there's this track to let me live out that fantasy. I've never heard anyone play this out, if I did I'd lose it completely. Those cymbals!


Aphex Twin – Ageispolis


Have you ever wished you were part of the Cornish rave scene in the early 90s? I know I have.


Matthew Dear – Slowdance

This guy can really wear a pair of leather trousers. Nothing can harsh your mellow when you're listening to this.

Talk Talk – Happiness is Easy  

This track is the best song to listen to in bed on a Saturday morning. Followed immediately by the whole of their album 'Spirit of Eden'. Mark Hollis' move from pop to experimental post rock and then his total retreat from the music industry to raise his kids reminds me what the real priorities of life are. It's more important to be a good man than a good artist.

Prince – Erotic City  

Prince absolutely smashes it with this, it's such a banger. Excellent for Friday afternoons. Though the way he says 'funk' is incredibly rude - I'm not sure whether he meant to do this.

Radiohead – Reckoner  

This is the best song ever written. Every new Radiohead track is a revelation but not one has stuck with me as much as this one. The way it washes over you is overwhelming and Thom Yorke's vocals (obviously) are as close to angelic as is humanly possible.

Gang Gang Dance – Princes  

Gang Gang Dance are amazing, all the more so when they've got Tynchy Stryder rhyming over them. The phrase 'Oh shit…Gang Gang' has become part of my everyday speech. I also like how he raps about making mainstream money this year, seemingly not conscious of the fact that a largely obscure New York art rock band might not be the best way to do this. He did go on to make mainstream money that year, so what do I know. This year I hope to make mainstream money.

Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon  

This is the first Arthur Russell track I heard and it remains my favourite. An astonishing, inspiring man - not least in his prolificacy. A reminder to keep working.

The Fall – Edinburgh Man  

I've never been to Edinburgh. In a rare moment of tranquility Mark E. Smith gives it a rave review.

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place  

This is also the best song ever written. Lyrically perfect. One day I'll die and I'll never be able to listen to this again. I'm working on living forever.

Liars – This Dust That Makes Mud  

In a concession to music I actually work to regularly there's this. It's 30 minutes long, which could seem intimidating, but after the first five minutes it settles into a bar long repeated loop that lasts for 25 minutes which, again, could seem intimidating - but I find it an aid to meditation and the potential producer of a trance-like state of focus. I genuinely wish it was longer.




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