Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine  

Marshall McLuhan never took LSD. But he did read Finnegans Wake aloud at a time when takers of LSD said "It's just like taking LSD". He figured LSD was the lazy mans form of Finnegans Wake. Astronomy Domine is the lazy mans form of LSD. If you haven't ...then consider this your first time.

Glenn Branca – Ascension Part 1


Extreme velocity, this made me realize punk was more then just saying fuck you and having a mohawk. Well this says fuck you too, but in a convincing manner...yeah fuck me.

New Order – Ceremony  

I've been in a not so intimate relationship with New Order for years now. We still argue, share spit, disagree, hold hands and what not. I am committed to this thing for the long run. This is just one of our favorite memories. Till death do us part.

Cat Stevens – Trouble  

Oh yeah... trust your gut.

PIL – Flowers Of Romance  

Uncomfortably Comfortable.

No Age – You're A Target  

Like crying and laughing while dancing in a sun soaked rain storm... oh yeah in the early 90s. Everything's nostalgic.

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends  

Having awonerful conversation with yourself are you. Sort of like circular thinking or mental discovery, finding ideas in an uncommon world.

Joy Division – Atmosphere  

When I have eaten to much, there's always room for Atmosphere.

Liars – We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own  

If I had to sport a suit everyday I would hope I could pull it off with this type of attitude.

The Plugz – Reel Ten (from REPO MAN)  

Reminds me how much I love Los Angeles, this should be the theme song for the city.

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