America - A Horse With No Name

Good morning! This track reminds me of Steve, an old flatmate who used to play it every morning in our converted warehouse in Shoreditch, London.
It does also remind me of Gigi from Trolley publishing, our then neighbour who sadly passed away early this year.


Jorge Ben - Oba, lá vem ela


Coffee time, this brings sun where there's sometimes not enough. 

Brigitte Fontaine - La femme a barbe

Off to work. Brigitte Fontaine is a great eccentric French woman, she is one of those artists that takes risks and evolves through inspirations and taste to produce a different album each time - Listening to her is like following her thoughts and being part of her surreal life.


Dj Yas - Journey


Some old Japanese hiphop tunes to work and stay focus.


Alicia keys Feat Jay Z – Empire State Of Mind

This is pure energy, I simply like that track. I am more into Alicia Keys's work than Jay-Z but the combo is just good.

Metronomy – The Bay

Great album by those guys, best album of 2011 in my view

Digable Planets – Pacifics

Chill and good after coffee or table tennis in the studio. I love American East Coast hip hop, this represents NY for me, Jazz, respect, old tunes, great use of words.

Michel Legrand – Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

I am a big fan of the film director Jacques demy. This track is from 'Les Demoiselles de Rochefort' and composed by Michel Legrand who did most of Demy's film scores. I don't like musicals as introduced in the main public but I did learn to love it with Jacques Demy and Michel Legrand.


Fabe – Des Durs, Des Boss... Des Dombis !


Old french hip hop. I am quite an expert as this was the first music I really went into from an early stage. It used to be chill and thoughtfull, very influenced by the amarican East Coast scene.

Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel

Getting in the mood for the evening. Never liked this band but learned to like it.




Justin Timberlake – Rock your body


Out of the cage.

Mano Solo – Allo Paris

Mano Solo (died of AIDS), as much as I respect his music, it can bring me down because his lyrics are so deep and sad, mixed with some hints of hope. I do listen to it with moderation but will always listen to him. Strangely, we can feel his raw energy, violence, anger and love. I respect people who are so honest even if I don't agree with everything, this is just pure and gives me energy.



Dead Can Dance – Host of Seraphim

Amazing band, I just love all their albums, I can listen to them just after listening to some hip hop, it relax me straight away and has this feeling of travel and space. Perfect to read, draw or relax.




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