Harry Nilsson – Good Old Desk  

Any great idea, or beginning of something good usually starts at your desk. Desk are your best friend. Although I am sure the song is a metaphor for something else, I like the simple use of language "such a comfort to know, its got no place to go, its always there".

Linda Scott – I've Told Every Little Star  

Listening to movie soundtracks while working is always promising. And Mulholland Dr. is one of my favourites.

Gil Scott – Heron And Jamie X – NY Is Killing Me  

I love NY... no I hate NY... No I love NY. If you are a New Yorker this song could possibly be your mantra.

Radio Dept – A Token Of Gratitude  

The first time I heard Radio Dept was watching 'Lost in Translation'. It was a sound that I immediately fell in love with. The pace of each song offers such a good work flow. Would love to make them a music video some day.

Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress [feat. Rick Ross]  

Second best place for coming up with good ideas, is in a car. Especially when you are on a highway late in the evening, if you look very closely the lights start to streak by as Rick Ross comes in for his feature. Hate and love Kanye.

Jacques Dutronc – Les Cactus  

Songs that you can't understand the lyrics either because the voice is caught underneath a guitar or simply the lyrics are in a different language, the words become familiar sounds. Its a great to find what you want to say when you are feeling lost.

James Murphy – Plenty Of Time  

Another song from the soundtrack 'Greenberg'. This is a song you put on in between thoughts, possibly shifting gears on an idea. JAMES MURPHY :)

Rod Stewart – Young Turks  

This song usually comes with a thunderbolt of organizational skills while working. I usually start sifting through negatives, receipts, stacks of paper and markers and put them back in their proper place.

Miles Davis – So What  

At 1:31... Ideas come poring in. Every time.

Coasters – If You Want To Be Happy For the Rest Of Your Life  

Don't really have a specific reason why I listen to this song while I am working, other than it makes me laugh and feel great. I usually start clapping.

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