Fred Lane – Danger Is My Beer  

I love the spirit of Fred Lane's music. The way his guitar interferes with the second half of this recording pleases me no end. 

John Lennon – Well Well Well  

John Lennon's primal therapy resulted in some absolute belters but I do worry about the man's lozenge bills. 

Can – Halleluhwah  

Thanks mainly to the 'Metronome' (drummer Jaki Liebezeit), Can produce the best soundtrack to mind-numbing, repetitive work.

I defy you to hold it together when Damo lets go halfway through this one. 'Searching for my brother, YES, I AM.' 

Jackie-O Motherfucker – Your Cells Are In Motion  

Any number of impromptu performers combining to create a wonderful, disjointed harmony. 

Yma Sumac – The Forest Creatures (Chuncho)  

Rumour has it that in her prime, Sumac was able to span five octaves. Many of them are in evidence here, as well as her unearthly 'double voice' effect. 


The Bulgarian Voices Angelite Featuring Huun-Huur-Tu- Fly, Fly My Sadness


Lovely contrast between thicks and thins. 

Robbie Basho – Kowaka D'Amour  

According to Basho the nylon-string guitar was 'suitable for love songs' but its steel counterpart could 'communicate fire'. Like a lot of my preferred work music, this has a droning, 'wall of sound' quality that I find so easy to work to. 

Susumu Yokota & Rothko – Sentiero  

Generally, I divide my time between designing book covers and their insides so I need something to suit both head spaces. When setting type, I prefer this kind of gentle, wafting music so I can lose myself in details. 

Gavin Bryars – White's SS  

There's something about how the tuba rides roughshod over the piano that creates magic here. 

The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band – 13 Angels Standing Guard Round The Side Of Your Bed


I got to Silver Mt. Zion via the usual Post-Rock connections and quickly realised that only the more ethereal numbers – like this one – are fit for office use (and not so much the very, very quiet to very, very loud ones). 

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