Ray Barretto – El Bantu  

Everything: a great bass line, violin, flute, guitar and human jungle sounds, all in two minute smokin' pachanga! A perfect example of the early 60s New York pre boogaloo Latin music.


Boyoyo Boys – Pulukwani Centre


Pure joy! Three all instrumental minutes of fast and furious dueling of saxophone, guitar and drums Soweto style. Another 70s gem, this time from South Africa! Flying and fuuunky!

Joe Bataan – Mambo de Bataan  

Rough and raw, full of street feel salsa from the early 70s from the barrio. Smokin'! New York City... pre yuppie, roach infested… what it used to be!


Super Mama Djombo – Dissan Na M'bera


Sweet African guitar and even sweeter voice. Perfect rhythm, somewhat melancholic melody… just right for some hot hip grinding with the most beautiful girl on the dance floor.


Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie

Old Disco hit from the 70s New York scene, from an all girl band. Just right. Hot, sexy and a bit lazy… A reminder of carefree times…

Arto Lindsay – Personagem  

Funky, weird and twisted samba groove with great almost military march like drumming, wacky guitar driving the whole piece and great vocals courtesy of Arto. Another #1 hit!

Arthur Alexande – After You  

The one and only, greatly underappreciated Arthur Alexander. For those in a love jam. Heart breaking!

Macy Skipper – Goofin' Off  

Crazy, crazy, crazy… Some crazy nonsensical jive, goofin' off on some old American radio commercials from the South in a form of a dialogue between two individuals: a slick Willy and a wino, all done by one Macy Skipper. Rap… move over! From the 1960s Stax-Volt singles.

Cheba Fadela – N'Sel Fik  

Steamy, luscious, syrupy, dramatic, powerful. First Rai song to break it big internationally.

Royksopp – Eple(Original Edit)  

Up, joyful, groovy and not too heavy on the bass drum!




Plus Bonus beats:


Joe Gibbs – A So We Stay

A perfect dub mix with some toasting all produced and bearing the name of the great Joe Gibbs. Fun and unpretentious… from the period of Bob Marley's sugary dominance, but proving that sugar free can taste good too.

Ike & Tina Turner – Contact High  

Kick ass! Ike and Tina at their baddest! Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!

Pete Wingfield – 18 With a Bullet  

Oh boy… another 70s good time tune, exactly from a time when I was 18, no… 20! with great singing, infectious lyrics, all with some doo wop touches flowing into the disco feel.

The Upsetters – Mellow Mood  

Is mellow…. And flying like a kite, high in a blue sky. Sun is shining and everything's under control!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – The Message  

The first big rap hit, way before any gangsta or any other bull… Just the real deal.

Eric B and Rakim- Eric B is President  

The single with the flip side Check out my Melody from 1986, is the best in hip hop. Ever.

Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking  

A hit from a one hit wonder. Great vocals over a nice instrumental track. Cute.


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