Jan Hammer Group – Don't You Know (Jimi Bazzouka Edit)  

The perfect track to ease myself into the day.


Mantronix – King of the Beats


Everyone was a DJ where I grew up in NW London, including me, and this was the anthem when I was 14. Highly nickable - I used to hide it in a Milli Vanilli record sleeve at parties. It is for me the quintessential Hip Hop track.

PEOPLE LIKE US – A Brief History of Sound Collage  

I love the randomly harmonious moments you get when you mix a few unrelated ingredients together. I could listen to mash ups all day long but my wife often arrives in the studio and says 'Jesus, what's this crap?'. The full version of this audio spectacular is 6 hours long and here for free.


Aphrodite's Child – The Four Horsemen


What a combo. Demis Roussos and Vangelis in 1972.

The first Art I fell in love with when I was a kid was Fantasy Art, namely the oil paintings of Boris Vallejo. This transports me into that fantastical world. Prehistoric landscapes, flying horses, muscley warriors and ladies in steel bras.


Ian Dury – Clevor Trevor

I had a flatmate called Dodger who used to introduce himself to people as Trevor - after this song. Ian Dury's lyrics always twist me up in little cockney knots. Clever bastard.

Can – Oh Yeah  

Just love the thumping drums, simple bass, growing misty chords, backwards singing, explosions and well, all the other bits. German Drum n Bass made the year before I was born.

John Barry – Walkabout – The Children  

I love soundtracks, but the problem with a whole film score when you're working is that all of a sudden you find yourself in some frantic chase scene and you've got all tense. So I join up the best bits. I prefer it when you've not
seen the films though, leaves more to the imagination, like with this one.

Bobby Konders – The Poem. Featuring Mutabaruka  

The perfect house track. Sublime.

Barbara Streisand & Barry Gibb – Guilty  



Dexter Wenzel – Life on Mars


This track reminds me of my teens. 1988, 150 teenagers in a workingmen's club in Stonebridge NW10, drinking, soul dancing, snogging. Then at end of the night after all those love songs, they'd go outside and beat the shit out of each other.


Uncle Jonny – Twice Daily


I grew up with sing songs in front rooms and clubs. This is my uncle Jonny singing at a relative's wake in Wembley last year. They say the only difference between an Irish Wedding and an Irish Funeral is that there's one person missing at the funeral.


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