JC / NV :  
Panda Bear – Bros  

Because it's a nice song. And we're bros. Any song that opens with an owl noise is pretty cool. The vocal elements are essentially a set of Maxims as well, which I'm very fond of.  

Townes Van Zandt – Fare Thee Well Miss Carousel


Best, most naive drum track ever. In my opinion. I like a song that tells a story too. 

Ivor Cutler – Fremsley  

Ivor is probably one of our biggest inspirations. Lovely, Humble, Inventive, Original. This story examines the human condition in an extremely humorous & engaging way.  I think what's best about Ivors' work is his humility and honesty, he crafts wonderful prose with brilliant content. Subject and execution are things we value very much and believe should be dealt in tandem.  

Glow-Wing (Nic & Will) – Dawn Lake  

This may seem nepotistic, but I'm not in Glow-Wing. There's nothing nicer than hearing a close friend sing. I listen to this in Leeds when I'm not with the other chaps. Reminds me I'm part of something more important than myself - not Nous Vous, a friendship.

WE / NV:   
Robbie Basho – Night Way  

Takes us where we need to go when we need to get there. Everyone needs Robbie Basho in their lives.

Lilys – Ginger  

San Franciscan artist Jay Howell put it better than I could - "If you don't like the Lilys you're a dick" 

Thee Oh Sees –  I was Denied  

Pump Up to the absolute highest. Thee Oh sees are utter radness, from the early mellow sunk in reverb home recordings, via John Dwyer's other super noisy projects to this hunk of garage rock sublimity . 

Little Wings – Fall Skull  

Been a big fan of this heavily collaborative little group of incredible poets and musicians that make up Mount Eerie, Little Wings and Karl Blau for a long time. This song off Kyle's most recent record is one the finest examples yet of their dark, mysterious yet joyous music. 

NB / NV :  
Arthur Russell – Time Away  

Its hard to choose an Arthur Russell track over any other really, but this one stands out as the most roughly recorded I think, which I like. A short, silly song but it makes tidying up sound like a lot of fun. 

Jonathan Richman – Since She Started to Ride  

Off of 'Jonathan Goes Country' - again, someone who has so much consistently good stuff it's hard to pick one out, but I think this one has to be one of my favourites. I can't get enough of JR. I love the way he bases a song on a little thought or idea and just explores it in 2 or 3 minutes. Makes me smile.  

Mount Eerie – Great Ghosts  

Beautiful song from a record of beautiful songs.

Nina Simone – Suzanne  

The more upbeat of her versions of the Leonard Cohen song. Goes from just piano and voice to full band throughout the song without you noticing. Gives me shivers. 

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