Can – Halleluwah  

I met the singer from The Zutons at a fancy dress party in The Griffin in about 2004, and he told me to go and buy 'Tago Mago'. Normally I would have forgotten the whole conversation, but 'Tago Mago' sounds funny if you say it in a Scouse accent. 

Marvin Gaye – Is That Enough  

Why don't song titles that are questions have question marks at the end? Anyway, this is from 'Here, My Dear' - an amazing, unique album that is so good, it doesn't need to follow the rules of punctuation. Lynne Truss must hate it. 

Dexy's Midnight Runners – There There My Dear  

"The only way to change things is to shoot men who arrange things". What a lyric. Kevin Rowland once tried to chat up my wife (before I was with her) in a bar called Woody's. He was carrying two bags of shopping from Tesco. He didn't get far.

Ian Dury and The Blockheads – Inbetweenies  

From 'Do It Yourself', featuring Barney Bubbles' multiple choice wallpaper sleeve. Bubbles once did an advert for the Blockheads with the slogan 'Don't Fart Til Your Arse Is Ready'. Think on it.

Michigan & Smiley – Diseases  

I first heard this rhythm on 'Zungguzungguzungguzeng' by Yellowman, but this has a much funnier lyric. He's basically saying 'be a nice person and don't dress like a slut or Jah will give you a disease'. 

Clipse – Momma I'm So Sorry  

Hard to pick just one track off 'Hell Hath No Fury' - but we managed. This is the official No Days Off Friday album. All your other Friday albums are WEAK. John Cale loves this track too. He said it was 'an amazing piece of minimalism'. Not sure about that, John, but it is amazing.

J Dilla – Love  


PIL – Poptones  

Long and disturbing, like a day in our studio. I played this once when I was out DJing. When it eventually finished, a voice from the other end of the bar shouted 'Thank fuck'.

Vivien Goldman – Launderette  

My friend Matt Worley put this track, produced by John Lydon and Adrian Sherwood, on a mix CD for me. Matt knows more about music than anyone I know. He's written books on Oswald Mosley and the Labour Party, and he is half of CRASH! along with Scott King - look up 'Prada Meinhof/CRASH' for an example of their amazing work together. 

D'Angelo – The Root  

If this was a horny video playlist then we'd have 'Untitled (How Does It Feel)' right at the top. But this is a better song. While we're on D'Angelo, it's fun sometimes to watch The Apprentice and sing 'Brown Sugar' but replace the word 'brown' with the word 'lord'.

Wu Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M  

I wish.

Oasis – Wibbling Rivalry  

My fucking favourite fucking Oasis track.
"How old are you, 21?" 
"No, about a thousand and five fucking one"

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