We don't play music while working at the studio, however, I often take advantage of the empty space before and after the working day.  I go through phases of finding, and then listening to one genre or collection of songs repetitively, until I have exhausted the experience. It's bordering on obsessive compulsion, and the types of music range very widely through vastly different styles. This is evidenced by my current phase of listening to musicals, predominantly golden age broadway musicals by Rogers and Hammerstein, amongst others, and I am much more interested in listening to the original cast recordings than just any version of the songs. This phase follows ones focused on Stevie Wonder, Ennio Morricone, SKA and The Smiths, and so I am rapidly building up the strangest hybrid music collection.

Here are ten songs from five different musicals:
South Pacific  

There Is Nothin Like A Dame

Bali Hai


Surrey With The Fringe On Top

The Farmer And The Cowman

Annie Get Your Gun  

Doin' What Comes Natur'lly

I Got The Sun In The Morning

The King and I  

Shall We Dance?

The March Of The Siamese Children

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers  

Spring, Spring, Spring

Sobbin Woman


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