Pink Floyd – Wish you were here  

I can't work out why I love this but I keep returning to it and it makes me want to cry in a pleasant way.

Tears for fears – Shout  

Reminds me of my Dad rocking out in the sitting room when he got really bored. Now I do the same.

Dire Straits – Money for Nothing  

My Dad would play Brothers in Arms on repeat on 7 hour journeys to Scotland. My sisters and I loved 'Microwave Ovens' as a lyric.

Sisters of Mercy – Cry Little Sister  

I think I liked this in an angsty phase of adolescence. It still stirs something in me when played very loud. It's got unabashed teenage-appeal.

Bazooka Joe – Hometown  

When I went out with Paul Fryer he introduced me to his old band, Bazooka Joe. I love driving to this one, or pretending I'm driving.

Journey – Don't Stop Believin'  

My assistant and I Kim aren't able to agree on much. This always brings us together.

Rihanna – Russian Roulette  

I do love a bit of Pop and she does it really well.

Nick Cave – By the Time I Get to Phoenix  

The best version I think.

Gilbert O' Sullivan – Alone Again Naturally  

It's the most relentlessly miserable song, sung in such a jaunty way. He makes throwing himself off a nearby tower sound like a trip to the park!

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights  

I just love a stirring tune. I wish I could hit the high notes but it doesn't stop me singing along and lowering the tone (literally).

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