I listen to music constantly while working. I think of it as a functional feature of the studio.


Peter Michael Hamel – Vom Klang Des Lebens (Of the Sound of Life): III. Milestone for Miles Davis


I tend to prefer music with no human voice in the studio. This piano piece is a favourite, I often listen to it on repeat for hours.

Oren Ambarchi – Remedios the Beauty  

This requires headphones or good speakers. It has an entrancing quality that is very conducive to sustaining concentration on a single task, such as typesetting a long text.

Oval – Do While  

Another long track with an even texture that shifts in and out of my attention as I work.

David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtones  

Something lively to listen to first thing in the morning, or during a break between periods of concentration. 

Beans – Toast  

There is a graphic quality to this vocal, stretching and condensing words in time.

SND – 12  

SND always sounds very fresh to me, this is like a de-cultured dance music.

William Basinski – Dip 1.2  

The degradation of the material of this music is beautiful, exemplifying the action of the world on the things we make.

Chris Watson – A Journey South (TouchRadio podcast 49)  

Very enjoyable listening and suggestive of the transformative effects of recording and publishing.

Hans Otte – Das Buch der Klange II  

More piano music with a great lightness and sensation of momentum.

Yellow Ostrich – Hold On  

I listened to this walking home from the studio last night.

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