The Violent Femmes – Blister in The Sun  

When we were kids, my brother Nico and I were in utter admiration of our cool uncle Patrick who was playing RPGs and driving us to snowboarding holidays in his BMW van, listening to the Violent Femmes. He use to translate to us the lyrics of 'you're so ugly, how can I love you' and 'come on dad, give me the car tonight' both by The Violent Femmes. He was talking for hours about the fact that they were a great band of losers with loser lyrics and that that was why they were so awesome.

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden  

I don't have any interesting anecdotes about this song. I just like it.

Les Negresses Vertes – C'est pas la Mer a Boire   

This is songwriting at it best and a sound very representative of France in the early 90's and what my parents used to listen to. It's a song about the sea and a fantastic band. At this time, in Nantes my hometown, my parents were friends of the people of Royal De Luxe (involved with that giant mechanical elephant that came to london a couple of years ago) and Manu Chao's band La Mano Negra. Les Negresses Vertes are from the same kind of Latin/gypsy genre that were super festive but imploded when the singer, like many at that time, died of a drug overdose. It's a very sad song.

Adam Green – Nat King Cole  

I've always been a big fan of Adam Green but when I saw him live a couple of years ago he was super mashed and obviously didn't care much whether the gig was going well or not. Still, he sang like a total crooner and rocked the night. What a cool waster.

Sylvie Vartan, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg – Les Filles n'ont aucun Dégout  

Another super cool waster. Probably the king of them. I absolutely love the video for this, taken from a live performance on TV (watch). The dynamic of the trio is excellent and he excels at being classy and disgusting at the same time. The lyrics are pretty offensive as both girls sing about how ugly and unattractive he is and he adds that they're right but they still love him and would do anything for him because he has money. Classic Gainsbourg.

Bertrand Belin – Hypernuit  

This guy's got a great voice, and the lyrics are very mysterious and full of narrative. It's about a guy who comes back to seek revenge against an entire village. The title of the song means "Hyper night", which I think is a super title.

Paul Simon – Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard  

Very cool song. I find it greatly motivating and it reminds me of Wes Anderson movies, which I am also very fond of.

New Order – Age of Consent  

Not much to say about this one. It's just a great song.

The Horrors – Sea within a Sea  

I went to Central Saint Martins with Faris, the frontman. He use to take us to a lot of his gigs when The Horrors were starting, before their first album. They were incredible live, very violent but great musicians. The second album is an amazing U turn; a proof of great intelligence and a chest full of musical gems. The synth coming halfway trough the song gives me eargasms.

Cosmo Vitelli – Be kind to the Machines  

It's an epic track, very well composed, and, on top of it, it's got an amazing sample of Santa Barbara.

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