Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Street

So so fabulous! We have one seamstress who is completely bonkers about Motown, so we always play some for her when we're all a bit stressed. It always makes people smile in the studio and we have been known to dance round the cutting table to this one!


The Kinks – Lola


The first studio we had was in Soho and there was a brothel opposite where there was this brilliant transvestite, never seen without full hair and make up, and usually with a floor length fir coat! But during the day she would often help us with deliveries (big strong hands!) and talk the traffic wardens into not giving us a ticket! This one's for her! Quite fabulous!

All Saints – Never Ever  

This was the first song they released and it was a massive hit! They looked great as well in their combat trousers and big fat sneakers... Real girl power! Still love the track and everyone knows the words so we can all sing along.


The Killers – Runaways


I love their big sound. It has such a feel good factor. He's so beautiful and I always loved the feathered jacket he wore a couple of years ago. It's another foot tapping song.


Dusty (do I need to put her surname!) Springfield – You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.

Dusty has been with me for the last thirty years! The best voice ever! I had this track as the one I would save when I did Desert Island Discs. I think the lyrics are completely true. You shouldn't expect someone to love you forever. But it's very nice if they do!

Adele – Someone Like You  

This track always makes me cry. It's a fabulous song and she has a fabulous voice. It's a track I listen to on my own when I have to think of how I want something to look.

Leonard Cohen – Sisters Of Mercy  

This reminds me of college days! Melancholic love. All so serious at the time, but quite forgotten now. It's still a great song though and I love how it builds to the end with the tubular bells bit.

Florence and the Machine – Only If For A Night  

I absolutely love Florence... I love the way she looks, I love the way she sings and I love the strength of her voice on this track when she kicks in after the school bells bit...It's completely uplifting and fabulous.


Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire


I bought this album as soon as I heard it and played it none stop... It sounded so different from anything else that was going on and it's great music to wake you up and tap your feet to as you're pinning something together.


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