Bill Callahan – Frees


Bill is the best. I've got a picture of him on my fridge. I love him and hope he will always be in my heart.

Why? – Darla  

This is a song about a chicken.


Drake – November 18th


Biggie smalls is even better slowed down. Drake is a male duck.


Heatwave – The Star Of A Story

I like really sensual music, especially in the studio. Sometimes I unbutton my shirt collar 

Joanna Newsom – Baby Birch  

I can't draw beauty. I've thought about it but I can't do it, I''m a big lump. This song sounds like beauty.

Lambchop – Up With People  

This will always make me feel bright and assured which is good for drawing or sending unsolicited emails.

MED – Can't Hold On  

Listen to the beat and it'll make your botty pop, then that bass line comes along and you start creeping around your ikea furniture.

Ugly Duckling – Now Who's Laughing  

I like rap music because it sounds like it's making a point, like graphic art.

Sweet Talks & A. B. Crentsil – Angelina  

There's a great bit about going to the cinema. It's all great. I don't draw and dance but if it's been a successful day of making I'll end it off with a little skip about.

The Silver Jews – Random Rules  

I love rave piano.




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