Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending  

Beautiful and uplifting. And you never know quite when it's going to end. For some reason it reminds of my mum, god rest her soul. Don't know why, but not everything has to make perfect sense.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos  

Harmonies! That fill the entire studio. A song of two halves, much like the way I work; I make a mess and then try to give some sense of order. Organised chaos.

Hank Williams – The Lost Highway  

Hank wrote the book. The book that I now read every day. I love the idea that the lost highway is a one-way ticket scenario. I'm now past the point of doing that. I pay council tax and have a mortgage. BORING! But hank went down that road and never came back.

Jimmy Shand And His Band – The Bluebell Polka  

Jimmy came from Auchtermuchty. Never left, unless he was playing for Queens, Kings or Sultans. But he always came back and entertained the workingman.
Gaun yersel Jimmy!

Bob Dylan – North Country Blues  

This song almost stops me from working. Then I feel like bursting into tears. It's a great story from the hinterlands that makes you realise drawing pictures for a living is a lovely place to be.

Alain Romans – Quel Temps Fait-il A Paris?  

This one lifts the spirits no end. And makes you draw the Eiffel tower, over and over again. Last summer we went to Brittany, again, and tried our best to have Monsieur Hulot's holiday. Luckily we weren't catapulted into the local harbour by a tow rope. Maybe next year.

Gavin Bryars – Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet  

This last a long time, but never gets boring. Again, it's about making something from nothing. A tramp sings a hymn and an orchestra builds up around him. It almost makes you believe in some kind of religion.

Luther Ingram – If It's All The Same To You Babe  

Speaking of religions, the cult of northern soul has never left me. The need to dance once in a while, usually in a kitchen these days, is forever there. Two- stepping in my studio when no one else is around also does the trick. And if I'm sitting down, it makes you paint faster.

Slim Gaillard – Dunkin' Bagel  

Slim always makes me smile. And makes me realise you don't have to over think what you're doing to make great art. Just do it. But watch it don't go splash in the coffee!

Dropkick Murphys – I'm Shipping Up To Boston  

Bought this song just after watching Scorsese's film 'the departed'. Woody Guthrie wrote this song, way back, but never recorded it. This punk/folk/irish/boston band made it into a new thing altogether. Shouting is important, now and then, and this is beautiful shouting, looking for that god-darned leg!

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