Joni Mitchell – Man From Mars  

I played this track on repeat for days whilst trying to find a way to get together with my present wife.


David Bowie – Silly Boy Blue


David and I were on the same art course at Bromley tech, a couple of years after having left school we bumped into each other at Pye Records. He was recording his first album with Tony Hatch, I was an art director there designing record sleeves. One of the tracks he had just recorded was Silly Boy Blue, I thought it was amazing. I was in a band at the time and asked him if we could record it as our first single but before we could get it together the band broke up. Things could have been SO different... Ah well.

Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year  

Whilst at Pye Records I worked on Reprise Albums, Frank Sinatra I think owned the label. This track documents getting older. When I was a teenager I thought one day I would own a house and when I was in my sixties would sit with a brandy in front of a blazing fire and listen to this song… It came true.


ZZ Top – Cover Your Rig


The definitive heavy rock sound. I love their image, the best ever blues rock. Great in the car!


Dudley Moore – Six Weeks Part 1    

I'm a big Dudley Moore fan, it was so sad when he died. He was not only a great laughter maker but a hugely talented musician.

This track is off the album Songs With No Words. Just beautifully written by Dudley about the breakup of his marriage.

Noel Coward – Mad Dogs And Englishmen    

I visit Singapore staying at Raffles at least once a year. The first time was when I was invited to judge The Singapore Advertising awards.
This is the soundtrack in my head whilst there.

Prince – Purple Rain  

I saw him play this LIVE at the 02… he just blows me away.

Bing Crosby – The Folks Who Live On The Hill  

My wife and I live on a hill... I suppose its OUR song. The words say it all.

John Martyn – Solid Air  

When he was good he was a genius… just listen to this.

The Butchers Blues Band – Mojo Working  

I play bass in this band and was pleased with the result when we recorded it.


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