39 Clocks – Shake The Hippie   

This is my standard record choice for when I'm being slow or lazy.  I keep it locked away in my "Get Shit Done' Playlist.  The louder you play it, the harder it makes me want to work by the end of the 3:38.

Paul Bryan – Feel Like A Feel  

My girlfriend told me about this hard to find original pressing of  an experimental English album. It has all kinds of great summer vibes.  If ever there was a piece of music to picture yourself driving to the beach on a summers day with the windows down this is it.

Craft Spells – After The Moment  

These would show up quite often on a favourite music blog of mine. One of those pop records that you don't mind listening to over and over and over and over and over.

Moon Duo – Mazes  

I saw these play live in a church last year which blew my mind a little. We followed up the gig with a mass team ride home which was one of those big smile memory moments. There were a few boozy induced incidents but we were a safety first group with helmets.

Sandro Perri – Family Tree  

This is one of those songs that cuts right through me. Myself and other Toy members played the record over and over on the Autobahn when we drove to Berlin for our first group show. I have so many great stories from that trip. Treasured memories.

Diamond Messages – Liquid Summer  

When I have one of those slog evenings when I have to get a ludicrous amount of work done, I need music that has a good rhythm without any lyrics or really any indication of how timeis passing.  This is one of those songs.

Sunset Rubdown – Stadiums And Shrines ll  

I bought this CD purely based on the artwork by Matt Moroz.  If I listen to this song it takes me back to my BMX days, with 4 bikes loaded on the back of my burgundy Ford Fiesta. Yeh I know. Awesome right. Taking the motorway to the skatepark attempting to blow up the speakers on the amazing guitar riff. B - B - Bee - Be - B - Bee- B - b b b - Bee - B - b. Or something like that.

Tony Caro & John – Snowdon Song  

This was a random find on Spotify.  I love that it sounds like it was recorded in someones front room using terrible equipment. Even if it wasn't. I like to imagine it was. Surrounded by terrible furniture, thousands of photographs and bad drawings with a flickering old orange lightbulb partially painted black.

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan  

I don't need to say anything about this song. It's just the best. Ever. I can play it forever and not get bored.

CFCF – B. Aldrian  

Sometime I get too impatient with music expecting it to do too much. This was one of those records where you just need to go with it. If it gets you, then for me I just stop and drift off and start daydreaming.
If it doesn't, it doesn't.

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