Delroy Wilson – I'm In A Dancing Mood  

I am very proud that when I played this at an after-show party Charlie Gillett came over and congratulated me. RIP CG.


Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains


This got me through a very sorrowful time and will always lifts the heart.

John Cale- Days Of Steam

From a great album with a great cover (The Academy In Peril) and a great film (Heat), touched by the hand of Andy.

Kilburn & The High Roads – Pam's Moods  

Did I imagine it or did Ian Dury used to introduce this with: "This is one for all the girls that are hanging around the toilets"?


La Dusseldorf – Dusseldorf


A great jump-up which peaks and peaks (and peaks).


Malcolm McLaren – Jazz Is Paris

One of the great Romantics.

Hawkwind – You Shouldn't Do That (live)  

Time for lift off. PiL started here. 

Basil Kerchin – I Start Counting (demo)  

Simultaneously floaty/menacing but all over beautiful.

James Luther Dickinson – Oh How She Dances  

Love when what sounds like an orchestra of monkey players kick in.

The Heptones –  Party Time 2  

I wish it would go on forever.


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