WorldWide Gallery Traxx 2012: Brenmar – Intro   

Yes, I think you should just call them… Remix by Brenmar, for our project Easy Listening: WorldWide Gallery Traxx 2012 Gallery receptionists maybe don't have time to answer all of our questions but we have invested in Skype Monthly Unlimited Worldwide. 


Crysmurf – Long Distance (original by Brandy)


Song for staring at the wall and thinking about euro relations and the state of affairs: so hard so far as central European time enters the void.

Ace of Base – All That She Wants (Dj Max Payne remix 2012)

Classic. Secret high school crushes and wearing spandex tights for 4 years before somebody explained why everyone is wearing jeans and that is cool and this is not. 

Why Beezy – Buggin Out (Why Beezy's Trust Fund Edit)  

Hands up if you've never stalked someone on fb, in a car, or followed a stranger on the street. Why is this considered to be socially unacceptable is a mystery still. 


LMFAO vs. Alex Gaudino – Sexy Calabria (remix)


Testosterone boosts and 5 hour energy drinks on tap initiated by recent discovery of physical activities. We often compare the biceps arising over the table.


WorldWide Gallery Traxx 2012– @LilInternet - Paintin'

Waka Flocka Flame mashed with audio recordings of Skype calls we made with receptionists from 'white cube' galleries across the world about their 'walls painting practice'. The realization that the 'paint' in the song is not about acrylics came afterwards. #notnativespeaker

18+ – Drawl / Demo  

Easy breezy skinny dipping into the workflow, emails flowing out desperately in the metaverse, occasional sighs. Gray on gray, perfect for rainy days.

DJ Bomba – Crazypipe  

HighE fast research and screen grabbing mood boards. Feel the jiggles of FiveStarbucks through your spine. 

t.A.T.u. – Nas Ne Dogonyat (Hardrum Remix)  

Always thinking of one most epic and sad videos of driving througout Siberia in a truck. 


Unknown- Windows Error Remix (from oOLuxuX channel on youtube)


This is what you get when you press cmd + ctrl + { + WAKA + esc. At the time when all software suddenly stops responding to our needs this seems to be excellent background sound to deadlines. 


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