Glaciers is the musical project of Nicolas Burrows; a visual/graphic artist and one-third of Nous Vous collective. The album 'New Mythologies' has just been released on Landfill Editions as a limited edition enamel badge & digital download.

Glaciers and Landfill have also collaborated on a set live performance videos, filmed in Sicily in May 2012.

Van Morrison – WIld Night  

I think I've put this song on every compilation CD I've ever made, either for someone else or for a long car journey. I love how you can't really differentiate the bass from the lead guitar, and how they really drive the song the whole way through. If I could I would have had a brass section like this on the album for sure. Event the sax solo sounds great!


Woods – Suffering Season


These guys just seem to keep cranking out really unashamedly simple songs which somehow get right into my brain for weeks on end. Their sound is great but it's all about the songs, and I love that.

Robbie Basho- Rocky Mountain Raga

My friend & collaborator WIlliam introduced me to Robbie Basho. I was listening to him a lot whilst writing the songs for this album. I love his lyrical content and the looseness of it all. I think the end of 'Cryptomeria' owes a lot to Mr Basho, though not specifically this song. This one just makes me shiver. Those strings…wow!

Little Wings – So What?  

A long stream-of-consciousness poem set to music. Another one that very frequently pops into my head on the train or something. Gives me really strong images. The melody and words are so perfectly intertwined, really good balance between making sense, making song and making poetry.


Eric Donaldson – Cherry Oh Baby


Reggae classic. There's so much space in it and I love that bass/guitar combo. Feels like it will never end (in a good way!)


Miss Smodern– S´modern

I don't know anything about this track other than it's on a Mississippi records compilation of Kenyan music called 'Love Is Love'. I wish I could make music as beautiful and as fun as this.

Roy Orbison- Only The Lonely  

I wrote a song called 'It' which mimics this kind of rock n roll sound. I couldn't quite work out the arrangement but then I listened to Roy Orbison.

Jonathan Richman – Springtime in New York  

Lovely song - the guitar solo is really nicely understated and typically Jonathan.

Jake Thackray- La Di Dah (live)  

I lived in Leeds for 5 years and managed to remain largely ignorant of Jake Thackray's music. I think this song manages to be beautiful and funny at the same time, and I love the way he sings.


Mount Eerie- Climb Over


I first listened to Phil Elverum at the end of a trip I made to Norway in 2006. My friend Laurence gave me a load of new music and the Microphones albums were on there. I'd spent the last few years playing in a boring post-rock band and being quite serious. That trip and discovering The Microphones was the beginning of me trying to write songs. Elverum now goes under the name Mount Eerie and makes some of the most beautiful, haunting music I have ever heard, including this track, recorded, aptly, in a hut in a remote part of Norway…


Animal Collective- Banshee Beat


The first Animal Collective record I heard. At the time it took me ages to work out what was going on in the last half of the album, it sort of floats by with bits of songs thrown in. I like most of what they've done before and since but I reckon this track is still one of my favourites. It sneaks up on you. Avey Tare's vocals sound so spittley and close, and the backing harmonies are amazing. The vocals near the end sound like trumpets.


Palace Brothers- I Am A Cinematographer


This is from my favourite Will Oldham-related record, 'Palace Brothers'. Sometimes I find his songs a little too impenetrable but this one is so warm and cracked and is a great way to end the record.




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