Silver Jews – Horseleg Swastikas  

David Berman is a genius. The Silver Jews' music is great, but his lyrics are what I really love. Funny, smart and sad in just the right proportions.


Neil Young – Motion Pictures


This song is beautiful in a wonky, broken way. It conjures up really clear images in my brain when I listen, even though I'm not sure what's happening in it.

Tom Waits – How It's Gonna End  

Tom Waits is one of my heroes. This song is like a like a notebook full of ideas for an amazing lost film.


Peter Blegvad – Daughter


I got to know Mr Blegvad's cartoons and art long before I heard his music but it was worth the wait. I don't often listen to this in my studio as it might make me cry.


Dolly Parton – 9 To 5

I don't think you can listen to this song and not feel cheered up.

M Ward – Vincent O'Brien  

I first heard this years ago on a CD which came with McSweeney's magazine. It's lovely and it got me into M.Ward

They Might Be Giants – Kiss Me, Son Of God  

I loved TMBG when I first heard them when I was a (geeky) fourteen year old. Now that I am a (geeky) thirty-five year old I still love them. 

The Fall – Repetition  

I like repetition in art. This is brilliantly repetitive but never boring.

Mississippi John Hurt – Coffee Blues  

I used to share a studio with brilliant children's author David Lucas and he played this. I like to make a bad joke about also liking Tennessee Michael Gambon but it rarely goes down well.

Jonathan Richman: Tonight  

This is so positive and nice it's just great. I think his music is a bit like a really upbeat self-help book. 


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