In no particular order... and there are many more I could have picked, this is just today's selection, but most have been my must-keeps for decades, and fill the air with inspiring but non-intrusive sounds, ideal for working, walking or relaxing...

Gabor Szabo – Galatea's Guitar (from Dreams, 1968)

The best stoner gypsy jazz guitarist ever. I swear he can make an acoustic guitar feed back, and bend the notes like a gentle knife twisting into your heart. Absolutely magnificent arrangement and recording quality.


Chico Hamilton Quintet – Blue Sands


A timeless genreless gem of exotica jazz classical fusion. There is also an unbelievable live version in the 1958 film Jazz On A Summer's Day - best live music film ever IMHO.

Jimmy Smith – Walk on the Wild Side  

The entry of the organ after a long big-band intro is one of the most exciting moments in all music.


Lol Coxhill and Morgan Fisher – Que En Paz Descanse (from Slow Music, 1980)


Lol played soprano sax magnificently, and I looped and layered him. The most amazingly haunting and uplifting ambient sax track bar none, frankly! Based on Handel's Largo.


Gavin Bryars – Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Must be the original 25 minute version on Eno's label. Makes we weep every time, even after almost 40 years. What an amazing idea to accompany the loop of a broken down old tramp singing a corny religious ditty in a cracked voice with an utterly beautiful orchestra.

Santo & Johnny – Sleepwalk  

Pristine beauty and grace amid the most commercial and trashy of circumstances. Is that not true Zen?

Johnny and the Hurricanes – Red River Rock  

The ultimate one-finger organ masterpiece, played on an ultra-cool pre-drawbar type Hammond. It sold over a million and probably took 5 minutes to record.

Piero Milesi – Mr. Nanof's Tango  

My favourite "post-minimal" composer and dear friend, much-missed. Think Glass/Reich but with Italian warmth and emotion. Was the soundtrack to a documentary film about a man in a lunatic asylum who covered the walls of the institution with advanced space technology scribblings.


Terry Riley – A Rainbow In Curved Air


Still the undisputed masterpiece of the minimal genre. With its multilayered, echoed organs and percussion it is thrilling as ever - as is Terry, who continues to tour and improvise at a stratospheric level as he approaches 80.

Victoria de Los Angeles - Bachianas Brasileiras #5  

I hate most opera and bel canto - but this modern, slightly Latin take on Bach is turned into a vocal marvel by this singer, and this singer only.




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