The Teddy Bears – To Know Him Is To Love Him  

From the time I first started collecting records- such a strange new sound to a small-town boy back in late '50s rural Britain.

The Fleetwoods – Come Softly To Me  

The soundtrack to my first teenage crush- this was 'our' song.

The Hombres – Let It All Hang Out  

A record that I wouldn't have liked but never heard on its initial release. I became attached to it when I discovered it on a late compilation of so-called psychadelic nuggets.

Teenage Jesus And The Jerks – Orphans  

New York New Wave featuring Lydia Lunch around the turn of the '80's. I was visiting there regularly around the time.

Fad Gadget – Ricky's Hand  

British New Wave electronia. Sort of 'blitz' days. Loved the sound. The lyrics appealed too.

Suicide – Dream Baby Dream  

Classic New Wave but classic pop at the same time… and a great dance track.

The Ravonettes – That Great Love Sound  

Instantly loved this when I first heard it. Took me straight back to the sounds of my teenage years, but seen through the filter of The Velvet Underground and '70s punk. I was surprised when I discovered they were Danish. Love so many of their tracks.

The Eels – Love Of The Loveless  

This hit my instant replay button. I knew nothing about them/ him. But another pop classic sound.

The Boogie Pimps – Somebody To Love  

A great, if somewhat trashy dance version of one of my all time favorites. I saw the Jefferson Airplane perform it live in New York in 1968 on my first trip there. Grace Slick has such a great voice whilst their classic 'White Rabbit's lyrics were so memorably the first summer of love.

Duggie Fields – We Are Art It Seems  

A track I made myself on my own a few years ago having been obsessed by other's music for so long. My collecting days started in adolescence; before leaving school and whilst at both architecture school and art school I worked in record shops, becoming the DJ at home in the various student flats I shared with others, amongst who included the nascent Pink Floyd. Having made compilation tapes for parties and exhibitions along with so many answering machine messages, once I got digital in the '90s it seemed logical eventually to try out music software myself sometime. I'm still trying every now and then…

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