© Tracey Emin
Photograph by David Levene
Johnny Cash – One (U2 Cover)  

Because I find it very romantic.

Mark Bolan – Planet Queen  

The chorus is the title of my show at the Hayward 'Love is What you Want' and I love the next line 'flying saucer take me away'.

David Bowie – Young Americans  

I have related to this song since I was a teenager and the lyrics are so true.

Roy Orbison – Pretty Woman  

I have a clear vision of my dad dancing to it with a big smile on his face.

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations  

Because it reminds me of being happy when I was a child in Margate.

Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Lining  

Because I sing it really loudly when I swim in the pool.

Pink Floyd – Breathe/ On The Run (from Dark Side of the Moon)  

Because it was on one of the first serious albums I ever bought.

Joy Division – She's Lost Control  

Because sometimes I do.

Elton John – Crocodile Rock  

It's the second single I ever bought.

The Eagles – Hotel California  

It reminds me of trying to be grown up when I was 13.

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