Bert Jansch / Beth Orton – Katie Cruel  

I love Bert Jansch. He is a brilliant guitarist, he does not sound like anyone else. Teamed up here with Beth Orton. Make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.


Glen Cambell – Wichita Lineman


Just brilliant.

The Durutti Column – Jacqueline

Saw them in concert quite a lot in the 80s. This guys a genius! Watched in amazement as he played multiple guitars/keyboards to sound like a big band, and it was just him and a drummer. One of the best live concerts ever and great instrumental music to work to.

Panda Bear – Benfica  

As I share a studio, we are not always in our headphones but listening to shared music.
The is a favourite, and it gave me faith in pop music again.


Beach Boys – Till I Die


Listening to Panda Bear made me dig out my old Beach Boys records. Mind blowing on the headphones.


David Crosby – Tamalpais High

From "If only I could remember my name" One of the best male voices and a brilliant experimental album from start to finish.

Stephen Stills – Johnny's Garden  

I could listen to Stephen Stills voice all day. Also an incredible guitarist. Very, very hard to decide on one, so many brilliant songs, but here it is. This man can do no wrong.

The Fall – L.A (remastered)  

This is the band I've seen the most in concert. Mark E Smith, he is a strange one, but you have to admire him, he is an 'artist'! I used to pogo down the front of the stage like a lunatic to this. Great for that sleepy time, need some chocolate time, around 4pm to wake me up.

Rolling Stones – Soul survivor  

Love Keith Richards guitar in this track.

John Cale – Andalucia  

My husband used to make me lots of compilation music tapes when we first started dating, (yes, before cds). He now puts together little Spotify playlists. I see them as little acts of love. This track was on one of the first compilations he made for me.


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