Wrongtom meets Deemas J – East London  

East London vibe in the area. Makes me nostalgic for 90s Clapton.


Hayden – Manchild


I like music for the space it produces.  How the amount of frequencies occupying different parts of the sound are balanced to suggest different environments (clear, muddy, warm, cold…).  With the advent of the discotech, music began to be made for immersive environments - the nightclub, headphones. This track sounds great in both.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse  

Chicken-neck bass, articulated disco toms, Alpine synths, and catchy riffs. Like the T-shirt you always take first from the clean wash, this track usually starts me off in the studio.


Frank Ocean – Lost


I enjoy Frank Ocean's use of narrative – this little vignette is a ballad to a woman seemingly muling drugs, lost in an international life of excess.


School Of Seven Bells – Night Time

I don't understand why I like this so much. Blustering 80's pop - a bit like Go West (the band) – with bright vocal harmonies by the Deheza twin's.

AlunaGeorge – I Know You Like it  

Bouncing bubblegum bass. I'm really into in what Tri Angle records are doing at the moment – lots of interesting sounds and ideas.

Trimbal – Confidence Boost  

Strike a pose! Counsel for the disaffected, repeated to a crescendo of musical treatments and euphorically distorted finale, "Niked out, Hoodies low".

Lee Scratch Perry and The Orb – Go Down Evil  

This album is excellent. Liking the simple minimal couplets on this track: "Anxiousness, go down – Consciousness, come up" – gets me through most days

Kindness – House  

Deep bass-y pads, Valium piano, forlorn vocals. SSRI pop.


Jan Hammer Band – Don't You Know


Released in 1977. Still fresh.


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