Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

In 1988, I was 14, I watched the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary concert. Led Zeppelin performed… I'd never heard of them before. The 1st song they played was Kashmir… it just blew me away, since then my interest in popular music of the time waned… I just wanted to find out more about Led Zeppelin and music from that era from then on. This track will stay with me forever, it opened a whole world of music that I never knew about.


Ananda Shankar – Snow Flower


I just love the sound of the sitar… this tune epitomises everything I love about Indian music.

Stevie Wonder – I Don't Know Why I Love You  

Never have I heard a song sung with so much passion and hurt, it kills me every time I hear it. It also resonates with all the unrequited lustful moments I had in my younger years.


Magic Arm – Six Cold Feet Of Ground


Mark Rigelsford (aka Magic Arm) is a lad I know from Manchester. I think he's incredibly talented… 
If I was a musician, this is the song I wish I'd written. I've not told him that yet.


Andy Votel – B-Music

Andy Votel is a very good friend of mine… he is another very talented muthafucker. He's an amazing graphic designer, artist, musician, DJ, producer etc, etc, etc… basically I'm very much in awe of him and most things he does… this is one of my favourite songs he's made.

Nina Simone – Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  

I love Nina Simone, I love this song… I feel the pain she's going through when I hear this. The production on this record is just beautifully delicate, my problem with this song is that it's far too short.

Chet Baker & Van Morrison – Send In The Clowns  

I remember seeing Frank Sinatra doing this on TV when I was kid… I love the title of the song as much as anything else… then I accidentally came across this version a few years ago. Chet Baker's trumpet playing pulls really hard on the heartstrings. The fact that Van Morrison forgets the words halfway through is what makes me love this version so much more.

Secos e Molhados – O Patrao Nosso de Cada Dia  

This song was played on my wedding day whilst my wife was walking down the aisle… I love this song as much I love my wife.


Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 – After Sunrise


If I die and go to Heaven, this is the song I'd expect to be hearing on my entrance.


Dug Dug's – Eclipse


If I die and go to Hell, this is the song I'd expect to be hearing on my entrance.

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