Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Mercy

I love Nick Cave, and could pick nearly anything by him. I often start painting with Nick Cave, the drama in his songs really provides a ripe atmosphere to work in. Somewhere romantically dark.


Marilyn Manson – The Apple of Sodom


This is from the soundtrack to David Lynch's Lost Highway, which is a brilliant studio album. I like the nastiness of this song. Good for making nastier paintings to.

P.J Harvey – The Dancer  
This whole album (To Bring You My Love) is amazing. I particularly like this song. It's passionate and soul wrenching, impossible to be doing anything that is not completely heart felt when listening to this.

Sparkle horse – Gold Day


This whole album is beautifully melancholic, probably my most re-visited album in the studio. I love the delicate yet over-brimming sentimentality of this song.


Philip Glass – A Gentleman's Honour

This song is about Edward Muybridge, but you don't need to know this. I like the
artificial landscape references and it's other worldly sound.

Kate Bush – Joanni  

This (Ariel) and Hounds of Love are probably my favourite Kate Bush albums to listen to in the studio. I have no idea what she is singing about in this song, but it very moody and atmospheric. The whole album is rich landscape and the atmosphere only a bit ruined when Rolf Harris starts talking about his bloody palette towards the end. The last thing I want to hear when I'm painting.

Lana del Rey – Radio  

I love this album, and was listening to it on a loop for much of last year. It has a
bittersweet atmosphere. This song feels very bubblegum but has a sort of aching
sadness also.

Barry Adamson – Something Wicked This Way Comes  

I came to this song also via the soundtrack to Lost Highway, and then discovered this brilliant album (Oedipus Schmoedipus). This track really is like a David Lynch film, it feels shiny, exciting and dreamy with sinister pulse beneath everything.


Madonna – Jump


I often listen to Madonna in the studio, usually very late in the day when I am getting tired and I need shaking up. This is a brilliant energising song, and often late in the day a jump in the painting is needed.

Justin Timberlake – My Love  

To be honest, I have been pretty much listening to nothing but Justin Timberlake for the last 3 months, having discovered his work rather later than everyone else on the planet. He is a genius. This song also has an abject quality to it that I like, when I hear him say, "I can see your swollen hands" I realise now he is saying "I can see us holding hands", but I prefer the swollen version.

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