Sun Ra — Advice to Medics

I'd love to be able to sit down at a keyboard and play this song for my friends or even strangers come to think of it.

Os Mutantes — Bat Macumba

A song about Batman and sorcery, a piece of concrete poetry, and the lyrics look like bat wings when they're left justified. If they're centered it looks like an hourglass. There is a sort of "abracadabra" magic to this song. 

Black Dice — Treetops  

These sounds tickle my brain which is fun when you're working.


Exuma — You Don't Know What's Going On


This song makes me feel terrible and I have a theory that the more you listen to it, the longer you'll live. 


Holden — Triangle Folds Inside Out

These sounds tickle my brain which is fun when you're working.

Grizzly Bear — He Hit Me   

One day I'll have a man of my very own to hit me too.

James Carr — The Dark End of the Street  

The greatest cheating song ever written. I was thinking about writing the opposite of this song one day — inverting the melody and changing the lyrics to be about the joy of polyamorous relationships. Also, I asked Annie Larson (All Knitwear) to design a scarf for me inspired by this song, but I think that annoyed her.

Arthur Russell — This is How We Walk on the Moon  

An art world favorite and hard to argue with.


Unknown — Unknown (from "Folk and Pop Sounds from Sumatra Vol. 2" / Sublime Frequencies)


This song has a nice swagger to it.

Group Bombino — Tenere  

I like the pig noises at the beginning and end. Maybe they're not pigs actually. He got signed to a larger label and then rereleased this song sans pigs which was a shame. But its a great, relaxing tune.




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