Mathieu Christe & Nicolas Robel

Eisbär – Grauzone

The Swiss German touch. Stephan Eicher is a famous popular singer in our country but little did I know about his early band Grauzone and this apparently famous song. I like to listen to different languages, German is one of them. A powerful sample of the Swiss german punk era, of which some bands have recently resurfaced: Kleenex, Chin Chin.


De La Soul & MF Doom – Rock Co.Kane Flow


When I used to skateboard, our posse listened to punk and hip hop. I remembered De La Soul's groove and very positive vibe. A decade later, hooking back to rap music and sneaking it into the soundscape of the studio, I discovered the raw voice of MF Doom and his witty lyrics. The mesmerizing loop, powerful beat and mix of voices of that recent track, brings it all together. Smash!

Billy Bragg – The Saturday Boy  

This unrequited love song comes from one of my favourite albums. It sounds as if the album was recorded in a row like in the good old days of early ska music from Jamaica, a microphone, a guitar and a good voice. This specific song is so intriguing. Pure melancholy, a touch of sadness with the right ambiguous balance of adolescent love and despair.


Rachel's – Technology Is Killing Music


This band is the perfect introduction to classical and contemporary music for a punk and hardcore lover like me. I've always been seduced by punk rock bands' attitude with no attitudes: Minutemen, Moving Targets or early Hüsker Dü, which were totally different from English punk or Glam Rock East Coast bands. Thanks to my uncle's cello aptitudes, I've been introduced to classical music as well, especially the Bach's Cello Suite. Listening to the Rachel's, is a bit like mixing fruits and vegetables in a salad.


Bottomless Pit – Kiss Them All

From the ashes of Silkworm, this band and especially this song is the right balance between deep beat, clever lyrics and minimal musical arrangements. The drum beat is so clever and yet repetitive, nothing is superfluous.

Joe Jackson – Is She Really Going Out With Him?  

I was around twelve and listening to the Ramones all day long, trying to catch some hidden meanings behind the pleasure of beating on the brats with a baseball bat. One record suddenly caught my attention in my older cousin's room; a black vinyl with only "Look Sharp" written on it. I wanted to borrow it but he gave it to me and since that day, I've been totally hooked to one of the greatest albums of all time. Some 28 years later, the sound is still raw, powerful and sharper than ever.

The Housemartins – Get Up Off Our Knees  

A high pitched angels voice with a bouncy bass, just the right track to get you in a good mood. The chorus and instrumental peaks makes it an energetic song of choice and an effective knee warm up. Cheesy songs that would please religious mothers of English bastards.

Heavenly (feat. Calvin Johnson) C Is the Heavenly Option  

Funny singers' Q & A, a lovely female voice echoing the baritone voice of Calvin Johnson, founder of K records and member of Beat Happening, The Halo Benders, The Hive Dwellers. Amazing era, I discovered many influential bands at that time and opened up my mind to music with personality. DIY cultivating the spirit of punk, respect.


Michel Cloup – Le Cercle Parfait


Founder of seminal French bands Diabologum and Experience, Michel Cloup shares many US bands' references I've been listening to in the early and mid 90's. His new solo project, two guys, one guitar, one voice, a drum and some amps is the perfect synthesis of all his previous projects. I've never been keen on French bands especially when they try to sing in English. But this recent discovery, with French smart moody lyrics, does sound great.

Philip Glass – Metamorphosis One  

I can't play piano but whenever I find one, I enjoy pressing the keys randomly to listen to their sounds. Just the sound. That piece is simply aerial haunting music with room for sound.


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