Here at Bread Collective HQ we only listen to Bread-related tunes. As it's nearly lunchtime here's our play list to make Toasted Jam Sandwiches!

SIR MIX-A-LOT – Posse on Broadway

Get all your ingredients and chuck them in a bowl.


ROLLING In The Deep – Jamie XX remix


Get your best pin and roll out!

RISE – Public Image Limited  

Let the dough do its thing.


The BAKER Brothers – Cola Bottle baby


Once risen pop it in a nice hot oven to bake.


Street band – TOAST

Some people like Marge, other's Olive Spread but for us it's always got to be…

BUTTER – A Tribe Called Quest  


SPREAD – Outkast  

Nice even spread – don't scrimp!

Going Underground – THE JAM  

Strawberry, Raspberry, Gooseberry even chilli, it's the perfect sandwich filler.


SANDWICHES – Detroit Grand Pubahs


Your creation is ready to devour – yum yum!

BREADFAN – Metallica  

We love Bread!

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