Jerry Goldsmith – Love Theme From China Town  

This is one of those rare films where every element is near perfect. The story is personal, social and political, the art direction is beautiful and the soundtrack is haunting.


Irma Thomas – Ruler Of My Heart


One of my favourite soul singers. 

Mississippi Jon Hurt – Frankie  

I remember watching the Terry Zwiggoff  film about Robert Crumb film at college and getting obsessed with his comics. His stories about Harvey Pekar and his close friend Marty Pahls made a connection with me. Marty Pahls and Crumb were obsessive collectors of Delta Blues. I think this is where my interest started.


John Dowland –  Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard. 


I came by Dowland after getting hooked on William Bird. It sounds really modern and easy to appreciate, surprising if you consider how old it is. I like melancholic music, it is a creative way to deal with sadness. 


Chopin. (Daniel Barenboim) –  Nocturne No. 5 in F-Sharp, Op. 15, No. 2.

A perfect piano ditty.

Miles Davis – Little Church  

There's miles of Miles, enough for any mood. This is from Live Evil.

Can – Future Days  

The cassette tape version got eaten by my stereo a long time ago due to continuous play. One of my favourite tracks from Can's Future Days album.

Actress –  N.E.W.  

I don't listen to a lot of songs in the studio. I tend to prefer orchestral, jazz or house music. Lyrics are difficult to listen to when I work. The latest album by Actress on Honest Jons is well worth a purchase.

John Phillips – Malibu People  

John Phillips was a wasted genius in the true 60's spirit. He made a few mistakes in the 70's but this wasn't one of them. I believe he wrote a Space Opera with Andy Warhol.

Chet Baker –  Angel Eyes  (from the album "Chet Baker's Finest")  

This is the session that he recorded close to filming "Let's Get Lost". The album contains some of his sweetest moments.


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