I just moved to America and one of the things that strikes me is that music sounds different here, especially the classics I grew up with.

Songs are charged differently for some reason.

Wild Horses is on the brim of tacky in the Netherlands but when you hear it driving your car in the US it's perfect.

I realize my selection is totally 70's inspired. I think I made this selection because in the 70's everything was new to me.

Now that I live in The States, everything is new to me again. 

Here's my list:

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses

I grew up with this song in The Netherlands. My mother was a Stones fan.

I have always loved Wild Horses but when I heard it here in the US it had a huge impact.
This song is just perfect.

Next time you visit the US you should listen to the first five tracks of this playlist and experience how different they sound over here.

Neil Young – Heart Of Gold

My parents were both Neil Young fans. I didn't like Neil Young at all when I was a kid.
This song sounds great in The Netherlands but it sounds 'awesome' driving your car through a sunlit America.

Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind  

As a kid I thought Bob Dylan was pretty much unbearable. He has grown on me later.
This American icon is a quintessential classic to me now. 


The Velvet Underground – After Hours


For some reason this gem has managed to stay out of my life until last year.
I think it's one of The Underground's best songs. Thank you Velvet Underground. Thank you internet.


Phoenix – Sad Eyed Lady

I'm building a bridge here to European musicians.

Phoenix masters the art of combining contemporary music with classics.

They sure as hell know their classics. They put a tremendous amount in making it own-able.
This Bob Dylan cover is better than the original. Quite an accomplishment.

Sébastian Tellier – La Ballade du G.  

I love French cinematographic music from the seventies. Tellier just extended the 70's into now with this track.

Jacno – Cercle  

Another gem I recently discovered, this time by Jacno, also known from the French duo Elli et Jacno.

Ramses Shaffy – Laat Me  

Paris born, Ramses Shaffy is one of the best Dutch Singers.
I like to see him as the Dutch Gainsbourgh.

Wendy Carlos – Title Music Of A Clockwork Orange  

Wendy Carlos is an American but he/ she composed the music for my all-time favorite movie; A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.

Kraftwerk – Autobahn  

The final track of this playlist takes us to Germany in the seventies. I particularly enjoy listening to this song on the long American highways.
The circle is round.




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