Zoë Keating  – Legions (War)  

I'll start with a confession; I mostly listen to talk radio when I work. I discovered Zoë Keating in one of my favorite programs Radiolab.


Pan Sonic – Johdin


I have listened to this music a crazy number of times, but it never bores me.

Angelo Badalamenti – Mulholland Drive  

I have always been jealous of cinema and cinematic music's uncanny ability to move. That's probably why I have a large amount of soundtracks in my playlist.


Jan Hammer – Crockett's Theme


and bad TV show theme songs….


Frantz Casseus Haitian Dances – Suite No. 1: Petro

A cab driver played this music on a trip from the airport into New York after a long flight… Very special.

Jeans Team – Moara Mea  

No not a big fan of lyrics, but this is superb. Not sure whether I want to know what the lyrics mean.

Trentemoller – Take Me Into Your Skin  

I mostly work alone in my studio and this is what I dance to.

Salt 'n Pepa – Push It  

And this too…

Portishead – The Rip  

I clearly remember discovering Portishead when I was in high school; I have listened to it since.


Doe Maar – De Bom


And here we go a Dutch song from a reggae-ish ska band.


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