The Cramps – The Way I walk  

My favourite band ever. So much good stuff it's hard to pin down a favourite but this does it for me. It's also great to work to under pressure.


Johnny Cash – Boy Named Sue


This is the first Johnny Cash song I ever heard and I still love it. Its quite hard not to stop what you're doing and sing along.

Devo – Satisfaction  

I love Devo and everything Mark Mothersbaugh does but this song in particular is such a treat.


Black Sabbath – The Wizard


I love a bit of Black Sabbath, such good music to work late at night too. This is probably my favourite intro to any song ever.


The Rolling Stones – Play With Fire

I pretty much love everything The Rolling Stones have ever done but this is probably the one song that I go back to most. I just wish that it were another two minutes long.

Dan Auerbach – Mean Monsoon  

I've been obsessed with the Black Keys for years, it always amazes me how two people can make so much noise and still make it sound so good. Dan Auerbach's solo stuff is still just as great.

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot  

Gotta love the Beastie Boys!

Tom Waits – Way Down In The Hole  

I love Tom Waits and I love The Wire. I remember how excited I got when I heard the opening to series two.

El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Y'all  

Really great ODB cover that I can't stop listening to!


Van Morrison – TB Sheets


I wanted to end this playlist with something long and drawn out so this is
perfect. Definitely one of the coolest songs ever made and I could listen to it all day long.


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