Steve Hauschildt – Already Replaced

Shimmery music helps me think, and this track seems to fluctuate on the same frequency as my mindwaves. It also makes a gloomy day seem epic and wondrous

Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar

I find heavy percussion and high pitched voices are the best for making things happen in life, if there's noise around me, then there's silence in my head. I can stop thinking and just do. Gang Gang Dance are probably my favourite band

Grimes – Oblivion  

Light and dark at the same time, kind of eerie


Cat's Eyes – Not A Friend


Ethereal, dreamy, nostalgic. Cool retro side-project from Faris Badwan & Rachel Zeffira


Deerhoof – Milk Man

Years ago someone stole my Milk Man vinyl after a DJ set at Corsica Studios and it was the saddest day. It wasn't just to listen to, the 12" Milk Man face propped on my desk helped me do good things, I'm sure of it. Saw Deerhoof play with Congotronics vs Rockers at Barbican last year which was very amazing. The lyrics to this song are quite silly and the melody is nuts, it shakes me right out of myself when needs be

Beach House – Myth  

I listen to floaty nice vibe music a lot when in the studio so Beach House is perfect, the hazy textural quality their music has is beautiful. This song is a favourite from the latest album, but I always forget it makes me cry a little bit

Bill Callahan – Baby's Breath  

I love you Bill Callahan

Neon Indian – Fallout  

The instrumental sounds in this track really get me 

LPO / Wendy Carlos – Wormhole  

I like music that makes me feel like i'm in a sci-fi film. I wish my life was a sci-fi film


Necromandus – Nightjar


Got to love 70s stoner rock / doom metal. It really makes you feel like you're LIVING. It's the perfect antithesis to the electronic music I usually listen to

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great  

I think I can see from this list I have a thing for slightly sad songs with an upbeat feel... this is another. Gives me tingles and memories of driving in a truck with friends

Joni Mitchell – Cactus Tree  

Being free

Twin Sister – Space Babe  

This is how I feel about being in the forest. Most of the time I am at my desk, wishing I am in the forest








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