Lionel Long – The Golden Vanity

Haunting and Hollywood-movie-worthy. Picture Robert Mitchum as the sea captain who shows no mercy. I was word perfect on this one at about 5 years old. A constant companion and Lionel's finest hour. Songs Of The Sea – impossibly romantic.


Marty Robbins – The Strawberry Roan


The other subject that makes my eyes misty and my heart throb – cowboys! Marty Robbins has the most gorgeous voice and this song about a wild, imperfect horse that Marty's bronc-buster must tame chokes me up every time. I know nothing about horses but this 'sun-fishin' son of a gun' inspires huge affection and disruptive daydreaming.

Jerry Lee Lewis – Another Place Another Time  

My all time favourite rock and roll legend…and he's still with us. We should rejoice every day that he is still mean and mad somewhere.

Steely Dan – Dirty Work


Timeless Steely Dan. I have to stop working and sing an amateur harmony very loudly.


Hall & Oates – When The Morning Comes

From the delightful and rather eccentric album Abandoned Luncheonette. Class.

Cliff Richard – Carrie  

Anyone who says they don't like ANY Cliff Richard song is lying.

Curtis Stigers – Things Have Changed  

Bob Dylan covered by housewife's favourite. Don't dismiss CS.

David Bowie – Let Me Sleep Beside You  

Anything by Bowie inspires creativity no?


The Beach Boys – Disney Girls


Intricate, fragile, pretty, pastel-coloured sunshine pop. Bruce Johnston contribution with the Wilson brothers on backing vocals. I like imagining being a leggy, blonde, Californian teenager in 1957 riding in Dennis Wilson's passenger seat with the roof off.


Tom Waits – (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night


Any melodic Tom Waits – not the dustbin lid banging stuff. Music like lace. Slightly grubby, exquisite, vintage lace.

Toots & The Maytals – (Take Me Home) Country Roads

Makes me happy. And John Denver's and even Olivia Newton John's. What a song.


Gerry Mulligan – Night Lights (1965 Version)


Sometimes words are too distracting so I reach for this. A dreamy album by same title.

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