The 6ths – A Sailor In Love With The Sea

Reminds me of New York in spring, and the jukebox at Dicks Bar way before it closed down...


My Robot Friend (with Antony) – One More Try


Two artists I love and one amazing song - I remember teaching Howie how to carve stone in my studio on 14th street in 1995 and am proud he is a robot now.

Orange Juice – Rip It Up  

Because I never would have imagined my early self meeting my grown self in Glasgow where all the music I loved then and still do now is from.

A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It


It is a total classic.


Patti Smith – Kimberly

Breaks my heart and makes me think of my sisters.

Corner Tour – Fuckemos (do you wanna dance)  

This song is in my sister Samara's beautiful film Tumbleweed Town and I could listen to it a million times over.

Olof Arnalds – I Nyju Husi  

I listened to this song on repeat every day when I was working in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon, forming geothermal sculptures.

Glenn Gould – Aria – Goldberg Variations 1955 version  

I have a physical response to this piece, my chest opens and my shoulders come down.


John Cage – Harmony of Maine No. 3, Harmony in C.M.


We have gone to the coast of Maine since I was a 11, and when the fog comes in and rolls out again it feels life this.

Woody Allen – Mechanical Objects  

It reminds me of my whole family, everyone I grew up with and morning coffee at Zabars.

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