Although I'm into all sorts of music, I've reduced the selection of my studio tunes to a style of music that suits the ambiance of my work. 

So there are no party stompers or floorfillers included.

Instead, I selected mood music that tends to enlarge the atmosphere and mood setting when I'm working on an illustration. 

No wonder there is a great deal of film music from the great moodswingers like Mancini, Morricone and Barry.

It's the musical equivalent of my drawings so to speak, so it's sunny side up! (or at least it should be)"

Claudine Longet – Nothing To Lose

The Coasters –  Three Cool Cats

Henry Mancini – Meglio Stasera

John Barry – The Ipcress File

Ennio Morricone – Il Clan Dei Siciliani

Billy Larkin & The Delegates – Pigmy Part 1&2

Hildegard Knef – Holiday Time

Jorge Ben, Toquinho –  Carolina Bela

Juca Chaves – Take Me Back To Piauí

Serge Gainsbourg – Sea, Sex And Sun

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